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We would like our customers to have a smooth experience when it comes to shopping online with us. If you have any questions or enquiries, please fill in the form below . One of our staff will reply as soon as possible. We are online most of the time, so you can be sure that we will assist you and help you get your flowers delivered without any problems.

USA Flowers for your loved ones, send flowers to USA!

The National Flower of the USA is American Beauty Red Rose.

The US is quite large so there is considerable regional difference in pricing and in floral customs. Please allow for this variety

US local telephone numbers are required for all flower orders placed for the United States of America.

USA Flower Delivery Hand Tied Bouquets are available but are not as popular in the U.S. as in some other countries. Most gifts are arrangements in containers, due to the climate.

USA Flower orders are always delivered during normal working hours and weekend delivery is not available in all areas. Fruit and gourmet items are usually available in large cities within the United States but an inquiry or second choice is requested.

Flower orders to military installations may require the recipient to pick up at the filling florist's shop. Due to security issues we can no longer deliver to airports in the USA or any countries we serve.

USA Florists

Florists are not allowed to take an order directly to the recipient in hospitals, hotels or businesses. We can only guarantee delivery to a reception desk in these cases.

Liquor cannot be delivered in most areas of the United States and will require at least 2 days prior notice. We cannot guarantee prices on these items.

Mothers Day is always the second Sunday in May.

Last Guarantee Date for Christmas, Mothers Day, Easter and Valentines Day is 2 days before.

Do you want to ask a girl on a prom date? Why not send her a bouquet of flowers beforhand with a cute personal message attached to them?